04 April 2011

apply paint. repeat

Here is bad cell phone footage of a piece I'm working on in a series called 'Social Science Fiction'. Nothing brings a smile to my face like kids at play and tactical assault teams...good times More soon to come.

08 July 2008

I've been Scene in America...and Charlotte Magazine

I keep pinching myself and it keeps hurting. So I guess I'm still not dreaming. My artwork is hanging in the same room as Juan Logan and Chuck Close... and I'm still a living artist. That's a great honor. I never thought when I first painted 'I Wanna Kill Sam" back in 2005 that it would be at the Mint. The piece was made out of pure anger, frustration, helplessness, and... hope. Maybe that's why over the years so many people have related to this piece. Maybe we all want to kill Sam.

01 July 2008

A Rave Review

Check out the review in this month's edition of Charlotte Magazine...

I would like to thank Meg Freeman Whalen for great review!!! I would also like to thank the other participants Carla Hanzal, Curator of Contemporary Art here at the Mint Museum; Dr. Jae Emerling, professor of Art History at UNC-Charlotte; John Hairston and Antoine Williams, both artists and contributors to Scene in America.
I will be posting essays from artists, historians and enthusiasts soon for your summer reading enjoyment.
Please feel free to leave comments!!! If you have seen the exhibition, tell me what you think.

06 May 2008

New and Improved

Due to technical difficulties, the Mint Museum has created a new blog open for an informal discussion about our current exhibit Scene in America: A Contemporary Look at the Black Male Image. I encourage anyone in the Charlotte region and beyond to visit the Mint and view this one of a kind exhibition. I am excited to have artists, curators, historians and other art enthusiasts contribute their views on race and art. Moreover, I want to hear from you, the viewer. I encourage you to comment on the exhibition or from the many essays/editorials that will be posted over the next six months.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or visit our website at http://www.mintmuseum.org

Kimberly Thomas

25 March 2008


WILLIE LITTLE, American, 1964-
The Blocks Tell the Story 2005
mixed media assemblage

Scene in America: A Contemporary Look at the Black Male Image will take an in-depth look at identity and race in Contemporary art. This exhibition will comprise of 27 paintings, photographs, works on paper and sculpture from the Mint Museum’s collection, regional institutions, private collectors and artists. Scene in America will delve into black male identity through the perspective of not only African-American male artists, but from artists of different races and genders.

This exhibition, the first of its kind at the Mint Museum, will explore identity and art with emphasis on power through black masculinity: from usurpation to attainment. Many African-American men have labored for a piece of the American dream only to have obstacles through the legacy of slavery and persecution to dealing with the same stereotypes in 2008. Scene in America will also focus on politics, socioeconomics, and youth identity.

The earliest works included in the show are from Harlem Renaissance masters Hale Woodruff and Romare Bearden. Other established artists include Elizabeth Catlett, Camille Billops and Samella Lewis. This show will also feature emerging artists John Hairston, Jr. and Antoine “RAW” Williams. More importantly, Scene in America will feature artists from the region such as Juan Logan, Willie Little, Tommie Robinson, and John Biggers, among others. Collectively, Scene in America will create dialogue and bridge communities through art and history.