08 July 2008

I've been Scene in America...and Charlotte Magazine

I keep pinching myself and it keeps hurting. So I guess I'm still not dreaming. My artwork is hanging in the same room as Juan Logan and Chuck Close... and I'm still a living artist. That's a great honor. I never thought when I first painted 'I Wanna Kill Sam" back in 2005 that it would be at the Mint. The piece was made out of pure anger, frustration, helplessness, and... hope. Maybe that's why over the years so many people have related to this piece. Maybe we all want to kill Sam.


Art Angel said...

I want to say congratulations for being sooo REAL and EXPOSED! At first glance I experienced courage & frustration then I looked DEEPERa found a since of PEACEFUL expression. So many emotions traveled my brain ... Thank for voicing what so many of us truly could NEVER put into words! The exhibit is RAW!!!!
Karmeta Mosley ~ Art Angel

DiaBethune said...

This is a blessing to see the artistic union of the young and old for such a profound exhibit, which many would shame away from displaying.

the jodiest said...

This is a true artistic representation of the rage I experience due to frustration with the ills of society.

Jesse Mendez said...

very nice soooo I would like to invite you to visit and become friendly with me at my art blog.

I hope you will come by and enjoy the variety of labels, and music videos and experiences as lived here in San Diego.

Great and hope to hear from you soon... see ya

C. L. DeMedeiros said...

You're a man of words and wisdom
we don't need to die to be out there
but is so rewarding see things happen


I was never fan of fluffy full of rainbow art
art should be make because we suffer and the process is painful

keep up

Hailey Brown said...

This piece of art made me think about how bad slavery really was. African Americans really hated "Uncle Sam" for this, too. They had to go through really rough times to get where they are today and I think that slavery was very bad in the first place. In this piece of art, the man looks very angry and also sad like he is crying out for help. Today, racism still exists but it is not nearly as bad as it used to be. "I wanna kill Sam" made me think about how much discrimination there truely was and hard they had it.